is a non-profit 501c3 organization operated by Donkey and Equine Haven USA. Located in Celina, Texas, our organization supports animals on 2 properties known as The Rescue and The Donkey and Equine Haven.

Our rescue property is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of the animals. Our operators and volunteers work tirelessly to save the animals from some of the worst conditions imaginable including those headed to slaughter. Once arriving at our rescue animals are given proper medical treatment, nutrition, supplements, rehabilitation and the love they need to live a long, happy and healthy life and eventually become adoptable.

Our Donkey and Equine Haven property has been home to over 50 of our rescued and rehabilitated animals. Some will remain permanent residents  while others are available for adoption. Animals available for adoption will be posted on our adoption page weekly.

Our organization is 100% volunteer run and non-profit. We rescue new animals regularly. To learn more about our animals and how you can help please click the “How You Can Help” link above, or email us at or call us at ‪(469) 850-2902‬